ALPRAZOLAM 2mg x 180 Bars

ALPRAZOLAM 2mg x 180 Bars
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Xanax 2mg (GADOR or PFIZER)

Xanax 2mg (GADOR or PFIZER) is commonly used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. It falls into a category of medications called benzodiazepines. They are known to affect the central nervous system components and produce a calming effect, thus decreasing brain activity.

How to take

Take this product by mouth as/if directed by your physician. Dosages need to be considered based on your health conditions, age, and response to a particular treatment. When brain activity is inhibited, panic attacks and depression feelings, with all the following symptoms diminish. The dosage may be gradually increased until the drug starts showing good results. Follow your doctor's advice closely to avoid risks of complications and side effects. 

In case of stopping the treatment, if you have been using Xanax for a considerable amount of time and especially if it was consumed in high dosages, you may experience withdrawal reactions. Those symptoms may include seizures and other types of symptoms. To avoid above mentioned reactions, you shall reduce your dose gradually or follow doctor's instructions. Report any reactions or complications immediately to a physician.

Side effects

As most of the medications from the anti-anxiety category, Xanax can cause dizziness, weakness, headache, and etc. 

It is recommended to stand up slowly from a sitting position in order to avoid possible vertigo after taking Xanax.
Xanax may rarely cause heavy drug-seeking habits, such as an addiction and dependency. Chances of such behavior may increase if you have had alcohol or other drug abuse history in the past. Please take it as prescribed to decrease chances of any health damaging behaviors. Please keep in mind that it may not work well if taken for a long time. Seek medical advice if it does so, as well as immediately report if your condition persists or worsens in any manner.

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