Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you’ll find a list of the most frequently asked questions from our customers around the world. Click on a question to reveal its answer. If you don’t find an answer to your question here, you can contact customer support for further assistance.

Q: How can I contact you ?
A: support@Royal-Pharmacy.biz    ( Business Hours: 9am-5pm EST )

B: +1-646-652-6543 ( Business Hours: 9am-5pm EST )

How Can I Order Medications Without Seeing A Doctor?

The internet has allowed for many new services to emerge that never existed before. As a result, we are able to fill prescriptions online and ship them worldwide. This service has quickly become recognized as a safe and convenient way for patients to receive their prescription medications.

While it is not required to have a physical examination to receive a prescription, we advise all our customers to undergo a regular physical examination with their personal physicians.

If you, our physicians, or our pharmacists have a question or issue to discuss, our customer support team steps in to connect all parties with secure and direct correspondence.

What Medications Do You Carry?

We offer a specific selection of medications that do not require a physical examination. A comprehensive review of your medical history is sufficient.

Narcotics and addictive medications are not available through our online pharmacy and can only be prescribed by your local physician following a medical examination.

How Can I Place An Order?

Order links can be found on our product pages. When reviewing medications, click on the order link within the page to add it to your cart. When ready, you can continue through the order process. You’ll need to fill out a questionnaire and then provide billing and shipment specifics after that. Once done, you’ll be able to review all the details before confirming your order.

What Happens Once I Have Placed My Order?

First your order will be reviewed by one of our licensed physicians, who will either approve or deny your request. If approved, your prescription will be written and sent to our pharmacy. The pharmacy will fill and deliver your prescription using your selected shipping method.

You will receive all documentation, including usage, dose, and precautionary information, that apply to your medication. In addition to this information, you will be given the contact details of our pharmacist should you have any additional questions once you’ve received your order.

You can track your order’s progress in real-time from our website help desk. You will receive the tracking number, if available, via the email address you provided at the time of registration.

Are There Any Benefits To Using Your Online Pharmacy?

Yes. We like to reward loyal customers with benefits at the pharmacy, such as promotional offers and bonuses.

To make use of such an offer simply login with your account’s username and password, shop in our online pharmacy as usual, and we’ll credit your benefits automatically when you complete your order.

Contact customer support to see if any pharmacy benefits are currently available to you.

Is It Legal To Order My Prescription Online?

Yes. Our service is fully licensed and regulated, and we dedicate our organization to adhering to and surpassing industry guidelines. We ship prescriptions globally and our staff of physicians is fully accredited, ensuring you receive the highest level of care we can provide.

Our medication is shipped in partnership with pharmaceutical wholesalers, ensuring our customers receive quality and modestly priced prescription medications. These are the same medications you would receive from your neighborhood pharmacy.

What is the difference between Generic Medications and Branded drugs? Are they safe?

Whether medications are marketed by name-brand producers or generic manufacturers, strict guidelines are in place to protect consumers across the pharmaceutical industry. There is no difference between generic or branded medications other than the name attached to them. Many name-brand producers also create generic versions of their medications and the opposite is true of generic drug manufacturers as well.

Why Are Generic Medications Cheaper Than Brand-Name Medications?

The patent system is the deciding factor in how expensive a medication is. When initially developed, most medications are protected under the patent system. This system keeps a company’s medication formula private and secure, with the help of the government, for 17 years. This gives a company exclusive marketing rights and an opportunity to recoup all the money that went into the medication’s development. Once this patent period has run its course, other companies may apply through the Food and Drug Administration to develop generic formulas of the medication. Because at this point there is no investment or research cost, the generic formulas can be sold at a much cheaper price, anywhere between 50%-80% less than the name-brand medication.

Why Would The Colour Or Shape Of My Medication Change Between Orders?

While chemical components of medications do not change from manufacturer to manufacturer, the size, shape and colour may differ depending on who has produced your medication. This is done in an effort to make their product more recognizable and easily identifiable. There is no difference in the effect of these medications because the formula of what goes into them has not changed.

How Safe Is My Personal And Financial Information?

All information contained within our databases is protected with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. We are always employing the most modern security measures available to protect our customers’ data. Payment details are kept as encrypted files in databases that are disconnected from the internet, providing an additional level of security.

What Are Your Shipping Rates And Policies?

We ship to U.S ONLY. Once our pharmacy has received you prescription, All packages arrive by Express United States Postal Service mail. Delivery will take 2 to 3 days to arrive from when the order is shipped.

NOTE: FedEx Overnight is supported by our shipping department for an extra $29.99 fee.

Occasionally we offer our customers promotional shipping offers. Contact customer support to find out if there are any currently available to you.

Because we do not process orders on Saturday or Sunday, you must complete your order before 4PM Eastern Standard Time. Otherwise, it will not be processed until the following Monday.

What If My Country Is Not Available As A Shipping Option?

If you don’t find your country in our shipping list upon checkout, contact our customer support department.

What If I Want To Cancel My Order?

It is possible to cancel your order before it has been shipped. Email our customer support department to cancel your order.

NOTE: Once your order has shipped it cannot be cancelled.

Can I Return My Medication For A Refund?

Because we must abide by the regulations of state and federal law, we are unable to accept returned prescription medications.


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